Loans Without Income Statements

If we were to go back in time for about 10 years, it would be impossible to get a loan without income certificates at that time. Not if we talk about loans granted by banks, because non-banking loan companies have already accustomed us to giving loans without presenting income documents. At present, however, we will also get a loan with no income statements.

In which situations can you get loans without income certificates? Most often it occurs in the case of loans granted via the Internet. To obtain this type of loan instead of certificates from the workplace, it is enough to send an electronic bank account statement that will document our income from the last few months. This may be the period of the last 3 or 6 months, depending still on the bank in which we submit the application.

How to download an electronic account statement? All you have to do is log in to our bank account and this option should be found in the account history tab with the option to export a PDF file from selected months.

Loans without income certificates – in which banks?

Loans without income certificates - in which banks?

Which banks provide online loans without presenting certificates? The list of such banks is growing all the time but for now it is still not very big. One of the first banks to offer such a solution was superbank. Currently, a similar form of credit is also obtained in many credit company.

To obtain a loan in the online option, we will also need a personal ID scan, which we can do either using a scanner, a camera or even a telephone if it has a built-in camera. This last method is no longer used too often, because it is usually enough to give only the data from the ID card. Additional data verification consists in making a verification transfer from the bank account we are the owner of. Thanks to this, it is possible to get a loan without a certificate of income and employment, which will save us a lot of time.

However, these are not the only loan companies in which we can get such a loan without certification. We selected only sample companies whose offers we found interesting and not expensive to pay. In fact, similar offers on the internet loan market are much more. So we can analyze most of them on our own and choose an offer that we think will be the most beneficial. The loan calculators on the websites of both loan companies and banks providing online loans will help us in this. Although most of these companies do not require income certificates, in some cases we may be asked to present some other document, especially if we apply for a loan or a higher loan. It can be a bank account statement or recently paid utility bills we use (electricity, internet, mobile phone).